An open access knowledge base to enhance societal resilience


The FUTURESILIENCE project is proud to announce the launch of its open-access Knowledge Base, a significant milestone in the initiative aimed at transforming existing research results into tailored policies addressing societal challenges and building resilience. 

The foundation of the FUTURESILIENCE project lies in the recognition that Research and Innovation (R&I) play a crucial role in informing policy development and decision-making. By providing a scientific basis, the project aims to equip stakeholders with the necessary tools for a more flexible and responsive capacity to prepare for future crises. 

The project's approach, tested by the 10 FUTURESILIENCE labs, is built upon successful research and policy recommendations. To date, the project has developed a Knowledge Base containing over 620 key results, a collaborative product of the project partners. These results stem from research conducted under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, as well as policy recommendations and good practices from international organisations. The documents included are: i) Based on scientific evidence, ii) Previously tested in society (following the Societal Readiness Level classification), iii) Policy-relevant, offering well-grounded policy options with informed background on possible positive impacts. 

The mapping of these documents followed a rigorous methodology, targeting resilience as a key theme. It incorporates various keywords such as different types of crises (e.g., disasters, financial crises) and societal challenges (e.g., food, mobility). These documents provide concrete findings and policy actions that address multiple areas contributing to societal resilience, such as digitalisation, the labour market, health, mobility, and climate. 

As of today, the Knowledge Base is now accessible to the broader community of researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public. After thorough internal testing of its functionality for intended searches (e.g., framing concrete policy and societal challenges, or developing policy mixes), the consortium has made the Knowledge Base available to support the design of policies for resilience. The platform is user-friendly, featuring a search button and various filters to facilitate navigation and fine-tuning of research. 

Open access policies are central to European targets, and the exchange and flow of information are essential prerequisites for broadening thematic discussions and creating a solid foundation for informed policymaking processes.

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