Webinar "Introducing the FUTURESILIENCE Labs"


Introducing the FUTURESILIENCE labs: “A diversity of challenges to foster societal resilience” 

The FUTURESILIENCE project has entered its experimentation phase, supporting 10 labs dedicated to crafting evidence-based policies for societal resilience and future preparedness. This webinar will showcase pioneering initiatives driving resilience across Europe. From tangible challenges such as cyber threats and tech startup communities to mobility and energy challenges in cross-border settings, digital skill gaps in the labour market, urban heatwaves and flooding, and the need to enhance healthcare systems, the labs aim to bolster societal resilience in various European countries. 

This webinar presents an opportunity to introduce the conceptual and methodological approaches underpinning our project, including defining what societal resilience means for Europe today and elucidating the role of experimentation spaces and methodologies for policy testing in confronting interconnected crises and uncertain futures. Additionally, the webinar will highlight the approaches of the 10 FUTURESILIENCE labs in building societal resilience, offering insight into the diverse challenges they face and the methodologies they propose to address them at the local level. 

Preliminary Agenda 

  • Conceptual approach: What does societal resilience mean for Europe today? – Matias Barberis, EFIS 
  • Methodological approach: Experimentation spaces & Foresight – Charlotte Freudenberg, Fraunhofer ISI 
  • Slovenian Cybersecurity Resilience Lab – Luka Jelovčan, SGB d.o.o. 
  • MULTILOCAL Lab – Tiit Tammaru, Univesity of Tartu 
  • TIMES Lab – Andrea Fabbri, Fondazione Pietro Giacomo Rusconi 
  • IMMER Lab – Jean-Alain Heraud, Association de Prospective Rhénane (APR) 
  • FICTIONS Lab – Ana Correia, Fraunhofer AICOS Portugal 
  • LiquidHousing Lab – Héctor Simon, Universidad Rovira I Virgili 
  • COSIGHT Lab – Marina Beermann, Cociety 
  • MURCIA Lab – Fernando García, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena 
  • BAPEMED Lab – Martin Kruse, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies 
  • CHIOS Lab – Yannis Psycharis, Regional Development Institute 

Join us as we explore the frontiers of resilience-building and witness firsthand the intersection of innovation, collaboration, and foresight shaping our shared future. 

🌐 Register here: https://bit.ly/FRSWebinarLabs