Thematic Webinar #1


Thematic Webinars Series 

Methodological approaches to build societal resilience

The FUTURESILIENCE project supports 10 labs dedicated to crafting evidence-based policies for societal resilience and future preparedness. This webinar will showcase different methodological approaches, best practices, and lessons learned in support of participatory processes for building societal resilience. 

The webinar will unveil good practices and invaluable insights garnered through real-world applications of multiple approaches, including foresight exercises, co-creation processes for policy through multistakeholder engagement, entrepreneurial approaches, ethics mainstreaming as a key component for robust co-creation designs, and a knowledge valorisation perspective as the basis for evidence-based policymaking.

The webinar included the following speakers:

  • Kerstin Cuhls, Fraunhofer ISI - Foresight & Resilience
  • Lauren Traczykowski, Aston University - Ethics in crisis and resilience resaerch
  • Cristian Matti, Joint Research Centre - Co-creation for policy

 Watch the recordings: